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Property Rental / Real Estate Pre-Built Website Template WordPress Elementor

By Adeezy

Elementor Pre-Built Responsive Mobile Friendly Lead Generation Landing Page

By Adeezy

Step 1

Download FileZilla and install it on your computer. Once installed, open it up.


Step 2

Login to your current hosting provider and look for your FTP or SFTP credentials. 

Unsure where to look? 

Step 3

Enter your credentials into the top toolbar of FileZilla and click quick-connect (Host, Username, Password and Port). This should then connect to your current hosting provider and your site’s files will appear in the bottom-right column.

Step 4

Now we’re going to get the site ready to be installed.

This will overwrite your current site. Be sure to back up everything before moving forward with the installation. 

Drag and drop the contents of the ZIP folder (Installer.php & the paired ZIP folder of your template) into the folder “public_html” in the right column . Wait for these files to upload.

Step 5

We now need to open the installer. Visit your website and add /installer.php (example: 
Important notes for this step:
When giving the name of your archive folder be sure to add .zip at the end.
Follow the steps and copy the database information.
On the final page, you will be given options to name your site and add extra information. Open the “options” drop down to create your username, password and email address. This is how you will login to your WordPress dashboard (/wp-admin).

Step 6 

Activate all of the plugins in the “plugins” section of your WordPress Dashboard. On your WordPress dashboard visit: Settings >

Permalinks and check the box “Custom Structure”. Be sure to save your settings.

Your site will now be fully functional and ready for customization!


If there are any issues with the display of your site go to Elementor > Tools > Experiments and disable all. Be sure to save your settings by using the save button below.

Your site will now be fully functional!